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Thanks to unified user
interface you can control,
observe and operate
anything from any place
through either a touch
screen, computer or mobile
  phone. inHome reacts to your behaviour – it turns
  down the heating system when you open the
  window; it also dims the light on the way to the
  bathroom if you get up at night or puts off the
  watering system if you are in the garden. 
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One touch will play a movie and simultaneously turn on the amplifier. It will switch TV to DVD, start the DVD disc and eject the screen and projector. The blinds will roll
    down – if there is night, and the lighting scene
    opens. inHome system brings together the family
    pictures, home videos, digital movies, music
    albums, programmes recorded from the satellite
    or television into one family media centre.  More »


At any time you have
a perfect overview of the safe operation of your household – the alarm system, fire detectors, camera system and infra-red bolts. When
  you leave the house, one touch will activate the
  alarm, pull down the blinds, switch off the lights
  and turn off the chosen sockets. In case of any
  nonstandard event you are informed via SMS
  (decreasing of the temperature in the fish tank,
  power cut or fallout in heating system etc.)  More

According to the temperature outside inHome automatically regulates the outdoor blinds and optimalizes the operation of the heating, air-condition and recuperation. In case
   of rain it automatically closes the rooflights,
   in case of wind it draws back the terrace blinds.
   inHome never forgets to turn off the lights if there
   is nobody in the room and sets the optimal
   intensity of lighting with regard to the light outside
   and your activity.
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The integration of alternative sources and their optimal and effective operation in connection to the low-energetic or passive buildings makes the
   inHome system very environmentally friendly.